Ordering Products

Currently, there are two ways to order Silicon Pixels products:

If you need help with an order, or have questions, please contact

Online ordering

Online ordering services are provided by Kagi. You can place online orders using either secure or standard connections. If your browser supports secure (SSL) connections, we recommend that method. In either case, PLEASE remember to include your callsign, (if you're a licensed amateur) or a 5 or 6-character identifier that we can use for your registration. The easiest way to do this is to put your callsign in either the NAME or COMMENTS field. For example, (if this were your name..) "Joe Ham, W9ABC" .

We normally deliver registrations by email. If you would like us to ship your order on CDROM or diskettes, there is a $10 USD charge.

Proceed to SECURE online order form

Proceed to STANDARD online order form

Order by mail (direct from Silicon Pixels)

To order by mail, please print out and use our direct order form. Please note that for customers outside the US, we can only accept bank checks drawn on US banks.

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